A platform you can call your own

By bringing the developer and builder community together, CREDAI creates a cohesive unit that can reap the industry's true potential. Using CREDAI as a platform, you can better address issues ranging from taxation to policy, consumer response to fiscal measures. CREDAI provides you strength in numbers as well as the support of a peer group that is committed to working in the interests of the real estate industry as a whole.

Peer group support

Being part of CREDAI means you have an early warning system that informs you of positive as well as adverse developments in the industry. Your fellow developers, united under CREDAI's umbrella, can share their experiences with you and help you develop focused strategies to solve your problems.


Through CREDAI's numerous interactive initiatives, including the annual conference NATCON, you can learn from and interact with national and international players at members' concessional rates.

Join a CREDAI member association now!

The stronger our numbers, the more likely will our voice be heard. CREDAI invites you to be a part of this powerful force and make positive changes to the industry you are a part of.